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 Past Chiefs

Bannertown Volunteer Fire Department was started in 1963. The Board of Directors got area members to donate $100.00 for a 10 year fire protection order. To purchase a new Ford 750 GPM Pumper, Pike Electric donated a 1952 Dodge Truck and Flinchum Oil Company donated an old gas body for the first tanker. Two years later, with donations, a Dodge pick up 4x4 was bought. Fireman built the first brush truck. In 1967 the department purchased a new pumper-tanker, and, in 1969 bought a new truck to replace the old Dodge tanker. By 1982, a second station was built in Holly Springs. The department purchased a new 1000 GPM pumper in 1982. By 1985, a new 4x4 Chevrolet pick-up was bought to replace the brush buggy. Then it was time to replace the 1963 Ford truck with a new diesel 1000 GPM pumper bought in 1987. To protect our district better, we purchased another diesel, a 1991 pumper-tanker.

History of Bannertown Volunteer Fire Department

Want to Serve Your Community?

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​A.L. McAlexander ~ 1963-1974
Junior Snow ~ 1974-1982 
Dennis Cox ~ 1982-1992 
Charles Gammons ~ 1992-1996 
Randy Stevens ~ 1996-2004 
A. Loyd Johnson ~ 2004-2008

Scottie Chilton ~ 2008- Present