Mission Statement

“The Bannertown Volunteer Fire Department is to protect and serve the citizens of the fire and rescue district from the ravages of fire and any other hazards that may occur.”

“To accomplish this, Bannertown Volunteer fire department provides response to fires, rescues, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, and other emergencies as they happen.  These services are provided immediately to any person who has a need anywhere within the district of Bannertown Volunteer Fire Department, by promptly serving those in need.”

Bannertown Fire Department will hold a BBQ Saturday September 30th 11AM-8PM 

at 124 Reeves Mill Rd  BBQ plates will include BBQ,slaw,hush puppies,baked beans,dessert 

cost of plates will be $8 please come by with friends and family and get your self a plate 

Bannertown Fire department BBQ